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Cameroon Gazette, the only Cameroon publication in the UK

"Where there is a Cameroonian, there is a Gazette". Cameroon Gazette (CG) provide proximity news. Tell the public what ur up to. Contact CG for announcements about anything, birthdays, anniversaries, gigs, loss of a loved one, looming wake keeping or special church service, anything you want people to be aware of. If you want the pictures of your event taken and published, look no further. Cameroon Gazette, "la proximité par excellence" is there to cater for all those needs. Take advantage of our mouthwatering offer valid until March 2013. Our contact:

By the way how did Cameroon come about? Cameroon Gazette is the only Cameroon publication in the United Kingdom. Initiated in 2008 by an IceTCool's led team of ambitious Cameroonians with the best interest of their country and their community at heart , Cameroon Gazette has become an indispensable tool for the Cameroon community, and wants to position itself as an alternative transnational practice through which diasporans engage with their country of origin. 21 online issues down the line,the response has been overwhelmingly positive, with many people acknowledging at last the necessity of such a platform in our midst.  That's why to be even more in tune with your demands Cameroon Gazette is moving to the next level and from 2013, the readership will be entitled to beautifully printed glossy A4 copies on a monthly basis. A team of dedicated and professional people has been put in place to live up to your expectations.


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