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All Cameroonians living in the United Kingdom are hereby informed that the Cameroon Government is planning to organise a Diaspora Forum (FODIAS) in early December 2016 in Yaoundé, Cameroon.


The main objective is to bring together representatives of the Cameroon Diaspora from across the world to share views, experiences, and showcase their projects and business ventures. The participants will also discuss ways of getting the Diaspora involved in the development efforts in Cameroon.


In preparation for this important event, the High Commission will organise a series of consultations with the Diaspora in the United Kingdom during the coming weeks. Members of the Cameroonian Diaspora are invited to participate in this process. Manifestations of interest can come in the form of:


- an article on the Diaspora perspectives on keys development challenges in Cameroon and recommendations for actions (one specific area per article).

- a business or project proposal that add value to Cameroon efforts to achieve sustainable growth and the fight against poverty.

- sending a curriculum vitae with area of expertise, experience or interest for the Diaspora skills and competences database which is being constituted in Cameroon.


All such contributions should reach the High Commission by October 14, 2016 and will be forwarded to Cameroon. They can be forwarded in hardcopy of electronicaly to


The Diaspora is invited to joint the different tack forces, technical or industries oriented, that will be set up, and take part in discussions on a better participation of Cameroonians living in the United Kingdom in the upcoming Diaspora Forum.




Joël Hervé NGUENKAM Chargé d’Affaires a. i.

Diaspora Forum, Yaoundé, December 2016

Cameroon Gazette Alert

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