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Femmes Dynamiques Fight against Malaria

We want to eradicate Malaria in Africa



A bunch of African cute girls have decided to cast aside any rivalry and make themselves available to the needy. Femmes Dynamiques one of the most prolific women organizations in London are to tackle malaria  where it matters most, that is Africa after a rather successful campaign in the UK.

It all started in 2003. After watching a program in which children were in desperate need for affection, attention and love, a group of ladies whose dream was to promote the welfare of children and women in Africa pulled together to create Femmes Dynamiques UK (FDUK), a non profit organisation. “The kids were all missing something we knew we could be able to offer through awareness campaign in educating the youth and women in capacity building and entrepreneurship” said Corine Puemo nee Akwo, the chair of the organisation.

Realising later that malaria was one of the major causes of poverty and underdevelopment Femmes Dynamiques then decided to extend the scope of their activities and start a fight against the terrible desease.
Corine explains: “From our fact finding missions in different parts of Africa, malaria is one of the major causes of poverty and death in the continent and is not given the attention that it deserves due either to ignorance or to the lack of resources”. That’s why FDUK started a journey towards the eradication of malaria.  through different channels and seminars.
The programme kicked off with a seminar in London on April 25th 2011in posh Battersea area in South West London, this seminar was based on the awareness of the deadly disease and how we could prevent it. On this day the panellist were made up of Cameroonian Medical doctors (see details below) and the audience were mostly Africans and mostly travellers to malaria endemic zones.

Then followed another gathering a few months later, this time in Cameroon, precisely in Douala, the economic capital of the country where mosquitoes, the main vector of the desease are rife. The panel included medical doctors, big companies including EXXON Mobil who have got direct impact on the environment and quite appropriately Hysacam, a Cameroon based company leading the central African waste collection and treatment sector.
It was so well received by the public that afternoon of 8 August 2011 at  that indefatigable Femmes Dynamiques are planning other similar meetings throughout Cameroon.
But before that though, a massive occurrence is scheduled in London in a couple of months this year. Although Ms Puemo , who is also an influential member of Home Sweet Home project remains tight lips about its contents, one doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to imagine that it is going to be a malaria themed event, but in a very different proportion from what has been seen so far.

Good initiative, although we believe more noise need to be made so as to get more people involved. In the meantime, to Corine, Nene et al, keep up the good work

Isaac Tee

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